What is a Dentalpreneur?

Our Story

Pennyhills® Dental Accountants was founded, to help Dentalpreneurs just like you, who are not trained accountants or bookkeeper, grow their dental and non-dental businesses, accross the UK.

We find a growing gulf in accounting smart tech being used by Dentalpreneurs, as compared to entrepeneurs in Tech, Architecture and Food & Drink sectors.
We do not understand why dental professionals using “Specialist Dental Accountants” are not implementing these time saving technologies and strategies, so we decided to do something about it.

Pennyhills® Dental Accountants, mission to take the Dentalpreneur from pain to gain by providing information that is:
1. Simple to understand,
2. Clearly presented and
3. Available at your fingertips.

Through our accounting, tax and advisory services.

But really, what is a Dentalpreneur?

A dentist and a entrepreneur mixed together? No.

A Dentalpreneur is a term used by Pennyhills® Dental Accountants to describe ambitious, tech savvy, enterprising dental hygienists, associate dentists, general dentists, paediatric dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, oral pathologists, prosthodontists and qualfied dentists running non-dental businesses. That have a clear goal on what they want professionally and personally.

The dental professionals Pennyhills® Dental Accountants support are all Dentalpreneurs.

Smart Tech?

We found, whilst personally, Dentalpreneurs are fully receptive to the latest changes in technology and time saving ways of completing the day to day tasks, like shopping or ordering a taxi. Professionally, the same technology in the accounting for dentists and dental practices is not being used. Even though the technology exists.

Why Pennyhills® Dental Accountants?

We use the smart tech and strategies and process used by high growth startups and implement this with our Dentalpreneurial clients, in their dental and non-dental start up ventures. We find that Dentalpreneurs really like the effiicency savings and because their financials are available in real time, they are in total control.

No more overflowing receipts in your wallet or handbag

Our smart apps mean you can say goodbye to those receipts.
Take a picture of the receipts or invoices in our app, press send and we will do the rest.
You can throw them all away and make some room in your wallet or handbag, so you find the thing you really need, when you need it.

Speak to our experts on how we can support your practice:
Email enquiries@pennyhills.com or call 0208 064 0969.
Visit http://www.pennyhills.com

Pennyhills® Dental Accountants, taking Dentalpreneurs from pain to gain.

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