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…I thoroughly recommend the firm. Any questions I have are answered quickly and honestly and they really are an asset to my business.

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Our Services

We provide as much accounting support as you need. By a team of dedicated staff, remotely, sustainably and securely.

Growing a business is tough. But by outsourcing your accounting, you free up valuable time that you can utilise to grow your business. With our outsourced accounting services, you get support from dedicated accountants.

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Managing your taxes can be demanding, time-consuming, and tedious. By opting for our tax compliance, planning, and advice service, you stay tax compliant while saving precious time.

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Scaling and growing is one of the primary goals for all businesses. With our advisory for growth support services, you can better plan for success and ensure that you are always on track.

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Initially, sustainability was a byproduct of our humble beginnings, of wanting to be lean and as cost conscious as possible. Working from home, meeting virtually and being 100% paperless.

Throughout the Covid lockdowns we continued working remotely and unintentionally we were being green but without actually knowing it! Now, the question we ask ourselves is, is this sustainable? Yes, and it is at the heart of everything we do. We have introduced sustainability as a core value, into our company culture, so we are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals

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We deliver excellence in accounting, tax and advisory

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Our set up means owners can take an extra week of holiday per year

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Our remote, paperless service means you save 6 trees per year

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Our secure service means your data is end to end encrypted

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Our service means you save up to 40% in staffing costs, than hiring a team in house

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Why Pennyhills?

We support you wherever you are

  • Dedicated remote support
  • Sustainable to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Grow your business with qualified expert advice
  • Secure encrypted communication

One Fixed Monthly Fee which you can cancel at any time

Our simple one plan service includes all of the compliance services your business needs. Designed to grow with you, as your business grows.

Specialists in R&D

R&D Tax Credits

If your business has invested money to develop a new product or a service, you may be eligible to claim the R&D tax credit. We carry out 100% of your claim, deal with HMRC directly and charge you a fixed % based on the claim, if successful.

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