We provide as much accounting support as you need, before, during and after 9am to 5pm. By a team of dedicated staff. Remotely, securely and sustainably.

Our Team

The energy that drives us forward.

  • 12 Countries Visited
  • 25 Bands Seen Live
  • 5842 Hours Immersed in Video Games


Creative Administrator



  • 2 Driving Tests passed 1st time!
  • 35 Cities visited
  • 17 Dirty Dancing, The number of times watched



  • 199 Tax returns submitted
  • 16 BBQ’s Hosted
  • 47 Golf balls lost





Our Agenda for Sustainability

Pennyhills tackles three key areas; Economy, People and Environment.


We help create sustainable businesses that bloom and flourish.

  • Keep costs low by being remote
  • We automate labour intensive process to keep costs low
  • We use the time saved on manual data entry, to encourage more advisory services, for direction and strategy
  • We use cloud based technology only, so we can be with you on the move and not use energy zapping servers for desktop applications
  • We help build strong, healthy and sustainable businesses for the local community
  • We help organisations by providing support before, during and after 9am-5pm, as we understand work doesn’t stop at 5pm


People that we work with are important to us.

  • Encourage all employee to work remotely
  • Provide flexibility to work wherever our staff want
  • We remember and celebrate client and employee birthdays
  • There are not so many festivals in the UK, but we celebrate all the festivals and days we can, because life is about celebrating
  • We promote diversity and work with people all over the world regardless of borders
  • We encourage clients to connect with us remotely, to suit their schedule


We review key decisions carefully, and how it impacts our environment.

  • 100% paper free
  • Recycle all of the paper we receive
  • Low Co2 emitting website
  • Use suppliers that use sustainable energy
  • We plant trees
  • Low Co2 emitting transport, if we use transportation
  • Encourage all meetings to be done remotely